House Rules

We live close to other properties and respect their peace and quiet, therefore we have a set of house rules which must be strictly adhered to:

Check In

Check in is from 3pm, see image below that shows the reception where you check in upon arrival.


Please ensure you have parked your car in the gated area, which is at the end of the driveway next to the timber clad house, see image below.

Do not park or leave your car in our neighbour’s car parking spaces, please ensure you have parked your car in front of one the signs, as per the image below.  

Checking Out

Check out is at 10am Monday to Saturday and 11am on a Sunday. If we did not see you for check in, please call/Whatts App or text us on 07710 096553, 10 minutes before you check out.

Please remember to leave your key in the outside of the door, if you take the key away with you we reserve the right to charge you for a replacement.


All rooms have free Wi-Fi, the code is in the Guest Information folder which is in your room.  

General Rules

All rooms are strictly no-smoking. Please note that smoke sensors are fitted and will go off is someone attempts to smoke a cigarette.

Please do not place anything on top of the heaters as they are convector panel heaters and will go on fire.

Please respect our neighbour’s privacy. No shouting and hanging around outside. Park only in the designated parking spaces within the gated area.

No drinking is permitted outside and playing of music outside is strictly banned too. No loitering about in car park or on the access road close to our neighbours is permitted

Please read more in the Guest Information folder which you will find in the room as it also contains the WiFi password.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, or if you need any urgent assistance, call Alasdair on 07710 096553.

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